Comedy Waiter


Claude involves the crowd with gentle, funny and outrageous improvisational clowning before he moves onto his next customers. 

Bonjour! Claude ‘ere. I am busy cleaning the Eiffel Tower with ma dishcloth. Performing for since 2003 and I am booked for many weddings, balls, parties, curtain raisers, comedy nights and lots more.

If you are unlucky I may play accordian at you.  If you like dancing I am happy to dance if you don’t like to dance I may dance to you anyway. 

So ‘ere I am 15 years later and still doing cabarets, events and being generally a big idiot or do I mean help? 
Au revoir!
Claude Aufrett

About Claude

CLAUDE is the idiot waiter who never gets it right! Generally he will stand and await an order for as long as it takes and when he does, BOF!He is off; seating his customers in a comedy fashion all over the place, taking bogus orders, staring at his ‘customers’ through his french paper, over-polishing his lobster, playing his accordion at them and then applying moustaches which are promptly ‘shaved’ off! Serving sweets in a comedy fashion is a speciality and watch how he whisks the ladies up for a dance if music is playing!
Claude involves the crowd and gentle, funny and OUTRAGEOUS impro visational clowning before he moves onto his next customers. And if all of that isn’t enough, Claude will serve the largest tray of chocolate eclairs and mints ever seen to round off the event!

This character bumbles and fumbles his way around the event as an idiot waiter who never gets it right! At first he will wait for the orders to be placed before unleashing the full Claude mania. Like any other customer service professional he will meet, greet and seat his customers, take orders and attend to their every need.

Unlike the others, though, he will get it wrong on purpose. Bringing a thoroughly French flavour to proceedings, this waiter is eager to show off his accordion skills and donate moustaches to those customers who don’t already wear one. And all this before presenting the customers with all manner of sweet treats and moving on to the next unsuspecting victim/ customer.



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Phone: +44 (0) 117 405 4383

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