Seize my soul if I give you quarter, or take any from you

Our cut-throats will astound and amaze any crowd with a breath-taking display of action. Come aboard and join us as we set sail for Spanish Maine.

You’re guaranteed an excitin’ voyage with our salty sea-dogs and brutal brigands as they spin a tale of treachery and treasure. With cutlasses drawn, these rum-soaked privateers will enthral you as they search for buried gold.

Duels on deck and tavern brawls abound as rival crews and flamboyant captains fight it out with knives, pistols and fists in front of your very eyes.

But just in case things get out of hand, His Majesty’s Navy is on hand, ready to keel haul any buccaneers they catch. So come walk the plank with the Stunt Action Specialists!

About Themed Stunt Shows

The UK’s leading team of live action performers. Staging live action sequences at film premieres, in music videos, for PR stunt events, product launches, training days and the like, Stunt Action Specialists has performed worldwide, earning a reputation for staging breathtakingly exhilarating stunt sequences.

Technically proficient and highly professional, they have over 25 years of experience in performing stunts and live action sequences featuring fast swordplay, incredibly realistic and dynamic unarmed combat, ear-splitting gunplay, dramatic high falls, abseiling, scuba diving, even jousting.

Boasting some of the country’s leading and most experienced stunt personnel, with CVs of stunts performed longer than a… well, abseil rope. If there’s a stunt you’ve seen performed, then chances are one of our team has performed it.

If it’s live action, thrills and excitement that you want, then this is the team you need.


Phone: +44 (0) 117 405 4383 or Click Here to Contact the team

Phone: +44 (0) 117 405 4383

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