haken and Stirred . . . . 007-Bondage at its best!

Prepare to be shaken & stirred in true 007 style as we take you on a roller-coaster ride that will make your event really stand out.

We have been performing the very best in fast and furious action sequences around the world for over 25 years and have a wealth of experience when it comes to working on Her Majesty’s secret service.

We’ll supply the evil super villain and his lethal female sidekick to take your guests hostage. We can even train the MD or CEO to be 007… Now that’s the way to impress friends and colleagues.

About Themed Stunt Shows

The UK’s leading team of live action performers. Staging live action sequences at film premieres, in music videos, for PR stunt events, product launches, training days and the like, Stunt Action Specialists has performed worldwide, earning a reputation for staging breathtakingly exhilarating stunt sequences.

Technically proficient and highly professional, they have over 25 years of experience in performing stunts and live action sequences featuring fast swordplay, incredibly realistic and dynamic unarmed combat, ear-splitting gunplay, dramatic high falls, abseiling, scuba diving, even jousting.

Boasting some of the country’s leading and most experienced stunt personnel, with CVs of stunts performed longer than a… well, abseil rope. If there’s a stunt you’ve seen performed, then chances are one of our team has performed it.

If it’s live action, thrills and excitement that you want, then this is the team you need.


Phone: +44 (0) 117 405 4383 or Click Here to Contact the team

Phone: +44 (0) 117 405 4383

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